Clarinet Keyboard Radio Console table

Clarinet Keyboard Radio display table.

Benjamin Bullins is an artist I’ve come to admire, whose fantastically creative home decor pieces have been sitting patiently at the top of my wish list. What initially caught my attention was his “Bicycle Built for Bathrooms” design which clearly showcases Benjamin’s quirky sense of humor…my kind of designer, for sure. Then, on a trip to New Orleans, I surprisingly ran into him manning his booth at an artist’s flea market. I found these amazing tables made from donated instruments of New Orleans musicians and reclaimed/recycled materials such as lumber from Katrina-ravished homes.

According to his website, “The inspiration for Benjamin’s work usually lies within a single object that sparked an idea to create a specific theme. He will then use other materials to build the sculpture around that one element, focusing on composition and color to complete the piece.” When asked why he made these specific creations, Ben replied, “I really wanted to honor the musicians of New Orleans and to capture parts of this city’s history by way of reusing the wood from the many buildings that were destroyed by the storm.” Well done, my friend…the music still plays on.

Radio, keyboard closeup

Radio, keyboard closeup.

Encased clarinet table top

Encased clarinet table top.

Bourbon Street is synonymous with music, which is honored in this display table by way of an encased clarinet, a chunk of keyboard, and the vintage radio base. I’d say the honor is all ours (or, more specifically, the owner of this piece).

Snare drum side table

Snare drum side table.

Boy, if we could have fit it on the plane, my husband would have snatched up this snare drum side table in a minute!

Table top made of repurposed frame and reclaimed lumber

Table top made of repurposed frame and reclaimed lumber.

Trumpeter display table

Trumpeter console table.

This console table is so New Orleans jazz…trumpet, Fedora and white patent leather shoe to boot! The table top is a repurposed picture frame filled with reclaimed lumber. Louis would have loved this.

For another peek at Benjamin Bullin’s work, visit his “Go Big or Go Home” space. To purchase any of Ben’s work, visit his online gallery at

All photography by Skaie Knox, HomeJelly

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