Mother nature knows beauty

Mother nature knows beauty…why not reuse it?

I was so lucky to be able to travel to Colorado and spend some quality time with my nieces and nephew this fall. Of course, whenever I travel, my blogger Spidey senses are always at the ready. On day three of my visit, we all participated in a fun run sponsored by CSU. Afterward, we ducked into a cozy, local coffee house to indulge in a hot cup of coco.

After ordering, we made our way to our table, which happened to be a deconstructed bicycle! Awesome! Taking a quick scan of the place, I spied several other items that, otherwise would have seemed everyday and ordinary, except they were repurposed into some really cool home decor.

Mugs @ the Oval

Mugs @ the Oval…our hot coco host! Also, their decor demonstrates how we can repurpose everyday items. Click the photo to visit their site.

As you probably have guessed…I just had to share it with my HomeJellies! So, I’m going to now get out of your way and let you figure out what the “before” everyday items were and how they were transformed into awesome “afters”. My reuse, recycle, repurposing hat’s off to you, Colorado!

Repurposed Everyday Items…

House plant + lampshade = beautiful pendant light

A house plant lights up

A house plant lights up. Leaves are decoupaged onto a lampshade.

Bicycle + glass top = fun and funky table

Bicycle table

Bicycle table. So clever to place a glass top to show off all the two-wheel interest happening underneath.

Two bikes make one cool table base

Two bikes make one cool table base.

Vinyl record + paint + clock kit = rock’n clock

Painted vinyl records tell interesting time

Painted vinyl records rocks around the clock.

single-pane window + paint = art piece

Single pane window art piece

Single pane window art piece.

Sideways single-pane window art

Sideways single-pane window art.

What repurposed item have you seen around town?

All photography by Skaie Knox, HomeJelly

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