The market place painting feature photo

“A” and I both noticed and loved this painting…ah, the colors!

When it comes to paintings, I haven’t quite nailed down exactly what I love. It’s kind of like flowers-I don’t really have a favorite type. I mean, how can I? There are so many beautiful varieties to enjoy. Still, if I had to choose a particular art style, I’d have to lean pretty hard on impressionism. I love its loose brush strokes and relaxed portrayal of the subject matter. If the piece has an abandon with color…you’ve really got me then.

On a recent jaunt to a local flea market, my bestie, Andrea “A” White-Kjoss joined me. As we sauntered down aisle after aisle, she pointed out painting after painting that she would just love to purchase and place in her new Long Beach pad.

It was as if a light bulb went off in my head. Wow! I, too began discovering paintings, and yes, impressionistic paintings, all over the place. Now, I’m certainly no art gallery curator, knowing all the ins and outs of a particular artist, technique or style, but I do believe in the adage: “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” If I like a painting, it’s got quality. Period. That’s what’s so fantastic about art.

I knew I had to prove it to y’all, so I snapped off these images to bring back and show you. I didn’t take the time to write down prices, titles or the artist’s name…this was more of a reconnaissance mission. Though, some vendors claimed their paintings were “original” and “valuable”, I did notice some pieces tagged with prices as low as $10 and $25. Right in my economic sweet spot…and you know I gotta love that!

Quality Paintings Discovered…

The scholar painting

The scholar painting.

This vendor had the right idea of staging his/her booth. I was this close to nabbing this old scholar. I just love the depth and dimension, not to mention the mood of this painting.

Somewhere in Venice painting

Somewhere in Venice painting.

This piece just said “happy” to me. I would love to design a reading room around these colors. Note: this is a great way to create a color palette for a space you are decorating. Simply pull two, three, or more colors from an art piece and go with it!

The fisherman and his pipe drawing

The fisherman and his pipe drawing and watercolor.

Being that we’re a short walk from the ocean, I was immediately drawn to this sea weathered fellow. Its incompleteness is charming and simple.

The old, proud Indian painting

The old, proud Indian painting.

I was stopped in my tracks by the gaze of this old, proud Indian. I wouldn’t have normally been drawn to Indian art, but there’s something about this piece that compelled me to seriously consider throwing down some cash and taking him home. Hmm…if I had, he would have hung perfectly in my writing room.

The tangerine sailboat regatta painting

The tangerine sailboat regatta painting.

I would have bet this piece was pulled smack dab outta the 70s, though I could be wrong. Still, it reminded me of a painting my mom had years ago and the colors are just too far out.

Lovers walking an empty street painting

Lovers walking an empty street painting.

Sometimes paintings are an enigma with lines, angles and dimensions that catch my eye. I also love the layering of colors on the buildings.

The marketplace painting

The marketplace painting.

Yeah, this painting was going for around $1K. A and I definitely have champagne taste…it’s the beer budget that keeps these paintings in our cameras and not on our walls.

Have you ever bought artwork at a flea market? Was it expensive or a good buy?

All photography by Skaie Knox, HomeJelly

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