Clover industrial table lamp

Clover industrial table lamp.

The second I walked in the door, I was home. Well, the home I’ve decorated in my head, that is. In actuality I had entered a sort of nirvana of architectural salvage and decor, Rejuvenation. It’s the kind of shop you want to savor; Matt never even glanced around for a place to sit to begin his usual “iPhone hang out while I shop” session. Nope. He was just as enamored and kid-in-a-candy-store excited as I was.

After snapping off a few photos, I was approached by Rejuvenation associate, Brad Kelly, who was more than happy to educate us on the history and design insights behind many of Rejuvenation’s amazing decor items and furniture pieces. My blogging “spidey senses” told me he was truly passionate about this Portland, Oregon based company (where they also manufacture their period-authentic lighting) and seemed to have the same kindred spirit and enthusiasm for historical decor as I did. Soon, we were joined by manager, David Turner, who added even more zest and knowledge to the conversation. Here now, are some of my favorites, where old school is clearly rejuvenated into “so now” and on-trend architectural yumminess.

Mid century mod sunburst mirror

Mid century mod sunburst mirror.

The store was cleverly organized in sections by era. The MCM (mid-century modern) room showcased these iconic sunburst mirrors. Delish. When asked, “What is the trend this season to creating a hip or current vibe?”, Rejuvenation’s Assistant Buyer of Home Accessories, Sara Busickio told us, “The biggest trends we’re seeing here at Rejuvenation are all about industrial and mid-century modern designs. Both styles work really well whether you are trying to capture a complete period look or just looking for unique accents.”

Vintage ship port hole windows

Vintage ship porthole windows.

Some pieces are salvaged from ships like these porthole windows. Styled beautifully in this wooden box, accessories like these add instant weight and interest to a room’s personality.

Mortar and pestle with candlewick style glassware

Mortar and pestle with candlewick style glassware.

I was thrilled to see these Candlewick styled dishes and assorted glassware because I collect dishware like this started by my Aunt Mim. She has taught me that glass tableware goes with just about any kind of season and occasion. Coincidentally, Sara also mentions that when it comes to creating a design vision for your home, “Incorporate items that are nostalgic or part of your personal history – like grandma’s heirloom quilt, your parents’ wedding dishes, or a special piece of original artwork – to help inspire a whole room. Using and displaying pieces that represent your journey through life and your personality are great ways to get to a comfortable look that is all your own.”

Blue industrial stool

Blue industrial stool.

I remember my shop teacher had an industrial stool like this. The blue offers the pop every space craves and highlights its interesting curves and mechanics.

Clover and assorted accessories

Clover and assorted accessories.

Perfect for a home office, bedroom, or side table, these self-contained, plug-in Clover lights are both industrial cool and cute at the same time. I especially loved them arranged inside and on this wooden box; the additional accessories cast shadows and gave off color that set a curious mood.

Galaxy gold mid century modern chair

Galaxy gold mid century modern chair.

This Ion chair designed by Gideon Kramer, specially designed and colored “galaxy gold” to mimic the same original color of the Space Needle for the 1962 Seattle World’s Fair,  had “MCM design candy” written all over it.

Leather sofa and burlap pillows

Leather sofa and burlap pillows.

Burlap pillows

Burlap pillows.

A warm caramel leather sofa is timeless and can be used as a staple piece for most any era. Trendy accessories like these burlap pillows can be thrown, then tossed and replaced with ease.

Vintage sign

Vintage sign.

A game room or high-ceilinged, fun family room would happily welcome this vintage, lighted sign. Uh, huh! The Novograts would definitely concur!

Hathaway old English:Tudor lantern pendant

Hathaway old English:Tudor lantern pendant.

Oceanside art deco slipper shade wall bracket

Oceanside art deco slipper shade wall bracket.

Blown glass and industrial ceiling fixture

Blown glass and industrial ceiling fixture.

The assortment of lighting from many eras was spectacular and would make a definite statement in any home. In light of all the wonderful items that left me mentally tallying my savings balance, I just had to ask this question to Sara: If you had $100 what would be the item you would suggest purchasing from Rejuvenation that would also offer the most bang for a “wow” reaction buck? “If you’re on a budget, you can really change the feel of a room by changing the shades on your lighting. You can add oversized shades to make a statement, without having to buy a chandelier or another new fixture. For pendant lights or wall sconces, you can mix finishes to add interest (like copper shades with oil-rubbed bronze lights) or use painted or prismatic shades to add visual interest and change the quality of light in a space. Cabinet hardware is another inexpensive way to freshen up a room. It’s an easy fix for kitchens, bathrooms, or even bedroom furniture. Speaking of bathrooms, using unique bath hardware, like our Mid-Century Modern bath items or porcelain pieces, is another great way to add interest to a space.” Yup. This shop has definitely been entered into my permanent GPS address book.

Rejuvenation lighting, current trends

Rejuvenation lighting

Rejuvenation lighting.

Current and classic lighting options by Rejuvenation: OC White table and floor lamps (includes stamped patent info. on hardware), Blenko colored glass lamps, Hood Chandelier (bottom left), Alexandra neoclassical pendant light.

Photography by Skaie Knox,, featured photo & product collage,

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