Matt recording his vocals at UnSub's repurposefully stylish studios

Matt recording his vocals at UnSub’s repurposefully stylish studios. Gotta love the spread…especially the healthy apples!

There’s nothing like the energy of a recording studio – creative, dark, moody, cozy, and, in the case of UnSub Studios, located in the heart of the San Fernando Valley, quite repurposefully stylish. Yep. There I was getting all rock ‘n roll (well, more country than rock ‘n roll for this session), when out of the corner of my decor nerd eye, I caught sight of some very cool, repurposed pieces of decor. The first was a kick drum turned comfy chair-very apropos and a bit on the nose (if I may be so snooty), but still very unique and environmentally en vogue.

In the corner of the room stood a beautifully hand-crafted floor light of stacked slices of a hollowed out tree trunk. This was an absolute beauty that perfectly and subtly illuminated the studio space; it added an ethereal glow that inspired a creative “getting-in-the-mood” vibe…music-wise, that is (wink)!

Finally, and something quite specific to a recording studio, was the recycled Cherokee Studios glass. I was almost more excited about this element in the room than the others, mainly because of its history. Years ago I had visited that studio and witnessed some amazing recording sessions. You could almost hear the energy of that music and the millions of notes that had bounced off this glass…quite a thrill and quite a brilliant recycling design decision.

With all this said, I’ll hand the mic over to the following photos that will certainly sing the song of rock ‘n roll repurposing…in perfect harmony.

Bass drum chair

Bass drum chair.

This is an absolutely doable DIY project. You can often find old and used drums online, at garage sales, and flea markets. Simply sew up a round cushion, then attach with screws the back of an old chair. You could also leave the chair back off for a simple stool and/or add casters to the bass of the bass (hee.) for moveable extra seating.

Bass drum chair, too

Bass drum chair, too.

Tree trunk floor light

Tree trunk floor light.

Tree trunk floor light-stacked pieces

Tree trunk floor light-stacked pieces.

This is a project more involved, but with the right tools and four light kits, it could be DIY doable. Here’s a really good how-to to hollow out a log tutorial to get you started. This step is the most difficult and time-consuming…be patient! To finish, you’ll need wood glue, a drill, screws to secure your glued together stacked logs, four light kits for inside each log, as well as 12 round wooden cutouts, which you will screw and attach to the plexiglass (you can have the shop cut them to size).

Tree trunk light close-up

Tree trunk light close-up. Love the round, wooden clasps.

Recycled Cherokee Studios glass

Recycled Cherokee Studios glass.

What do you like most about these repurposed decor pieces?

All photography by Skaie Knox, HomeJelly

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