Patio Umbrella Converts Into A Veggie Support Trellis

Repurpose / Refurbish

original purpose patio umbrella

It’s quite serendipitous, today’s “Rad Repurposing” moment; many of us have planted our spring gardens and are starting to pull out our backyard furniture. For some, this is just a weekend afternoon chore. For others, we’re discovering how weathered and worn these items have gotten, specifically our sun umbrellas, even to the point of no return. No worries! With the handy help of Dave’s Garden and Mrs. Ed, we can now repurpose that raggedy, old canopy into a wonderful garden support trellis for veggies or viny fruits and flowers. Now that’s repurposeful DIY.

Repurposed umbrella veggie support trellis

Repurposed umbrella veggie support trellis. Source:

How-to: Simply remove the canvas from the frame, place at the center of your garden, then rubber mallet the pole deep enough into the soil so that the exterior teak “ribs” rest upon the ground. Voila!

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