Artists are artists because they see the world as a canvas, a creative element, a potential for something unexpected, beautiful or interesting. That’s for sure when it comes to these repurposing virtuosos below, who illustrate in portraits how pieces of the many, reworking together, can result in a stunning, single and powerful work of art.

Bottle cap self portrait design. Source:

Bottle cap self portrait…this shows the detail of her nose.

Plastic Bottle Caps: Artist Mary Ellen Croteau utilizes plastic bottle caps of all sizes to create a colorful, 3-D-esque self-portrait that captures both her personality and recycling/repurposing fans alike.

Wine cork woman’s portrait. Source:

Wine Corks: “Grace” was created with 9,217 wine corks, painstakingly applied one by one, forming the face with shades from different colored corks. Check out “the making of Grace” video.

Screw art. Source:

Screws: This film strip tutorial cleverly nails the details of this intricate and time-intensive style of portrait making. Artist Andrew Myers is clearly in his element with this and the many other mediums he man-handles into genius works of art.

All photography by Skaie Knox, HomeJelly

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