Urban succulents garden

Urban succulents garden. source: Skaie Knox, HomeJelly

I sometimes wish it wasn’t true, but it is. I’m a suburban girl. Yeah well, there’s not a lot of swagger saying I was raised on the wide streets of San Juan Capistrano or Mission Viejo…more like raised in a bubble. However, I’d like to lay claim that I’ve adopted an alter ego who feels right at home in the city.

So, while traipsing the streets of San Francisco (sorry LA, but I also LOVE the city by the bay), I was more than delighted when we came across this fabulous urban garden, that seemed to have just popped out of nowhere…well, actually it popped out of the stump of this tree.

Urban garden tree stump beautiful!

Urban garden tree stump planter…so beautiful! source: Skaie Knox, HomeJelly

I knew there had to be more of these little pop-up greenery “islands” around the web, so I surfed around and dug up these favorites. As I looked around, I was reminded of these repurposed planters that would seem to feel right at home on the streets. The moral of this story is that we all can beautify ugly…it just takes a little DIY and a green thumb to get started!

Cobblestone pop-up garden before

Cobblestone pop-up garden before…

Cobblestone pop-up garden after

Cobblestone pop-up garden after! Before and after source:

Not only is this greenery lovely, it’s green! The cobblestones were salvaged from a Germantown Avenue construction site – perfectly good bricks that went from being stepped upon to preventing plants from being stomped upon…yes!

Flower cans with street-smart personality

Flower cans with street-smart personality!

Flowers cans beautifying a drainage pipe

Flowers cans beautifying a drainage pipe. Flower cans photo source:

Kids and crafters alike can make these urban flower cans in a snap! Whether they’re empty or full of blooms, color will abound these city landscapes.

Bus rooftop garden

Bus rooftop garden. source:

Okay, so how urban is this?!? We know city dwellers are always on the run, so it makes sense that they’ll want to take their plants with them! Click into the photo to learn more about how these rooftop gardens are made.

Urban furniture pop-up garden

Urban furniture pop-up garden. source:

I love this idea! Instead of leaving unwanted furniture on the curb for the trash collectors to pick up (or, if you’re like me, to “curb-dive” and take and refurbish…hmm…maybe this isn’t such a great idea – cutting off my free supply source?), fellow urbanites banded together to create a collection of furniture pop-up garden planters. Talk about an Ikea hack!

Now It’s Your Turn!

Tell us about pop-up gardens in your neighborhood!

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