When it comes to finding the right pooch products, the task can be quite daunting. You never know if you’re barking up the right tree (eh-hem) when it comes to quality. Well, today, we’ve presented only 4-5 star items along with three how-to projects to insure that your pooch will be properly pampered, and with all the quality he or she deserves. You’ll definitely receive a lick of approval!

Pooch Gate: sometimes it’s important to keep our pooches secured and away from certain areas of the home – like during parties, with visiting elderly relatives or friends, or when we’re not home. Baby gates might not do the trick strength-wise, AND they’re not the most stylish of decor. Click in and visit the folks at yellow brick home where they provide fantastic how-to instructions and photos to making your very own stylish pooch gate!

Stylish DIY doggie gate

Stylish DIY doggie gate. source:

DIY doggie gate with pooches

DIY doggie gate with pooches. source:

Contemporary geometric poochhouse: the weekend after you finish your pooch gate (see above), you’ll most likely want to take your doggie decor to the next level and create this ever-so-modern, geometric poochhouse! Stop by Adorable Home for his very specific step-by-step instructions on how to construct this very cute and contemporary contraption…woof-yeah!

DIY your very own contemporary geometric doghouse

DIY your very own contemporary geometric doghouse. source:

ComfortFlex Sport Pooch Harness: the reviews on this harness repeatedly laud its comport AND security for both you and your pooch. Ours is a senior K9 citizen and sometimes needs assistance with balance. The ComfortFlex really helps and doesn’t put any unpleasant pressure on his trachea. Where to purchase:; price: $30.50.

ComfortFlex Sport Harness comes in 12 colors

ComfortFlex Sport Harness comes in 12 colors.

ComfortFlex Sport Harness comes in 12 colors

ComfortFlex Sport Harness comes in 12 colors.

ComfortFlex Sport Harness comes in 12 colors

ComfortFlex Sport Harness comes in 12 colors. source:

Under-the-bed pooch bed: when we saw this, we all said, “Well, duh!” What better way to put that wasted space under our beds to use than to DIY a comfy-cozy pooch bed for our best friend! Jump on over to house bella where this K9-loving couple has offered a fantastic way for you to make one at home.

Under-the-bed platform doggie bed closed

Under-the-bed platform doggie bed closed. source:

Under-the-bed platform doggie bed open

Under-the-bed platform doggie bed open. source:

iCPooch: here’s a FABULOUS way to stay connected to your pooch when you’re not home! Click here for the video, then learn more about the wonderfully creative, 14-year-old inventor! Price: $149, available on

iCPooch dog

iCPooch dog getting a treat. source:

iCPooch phone app

iCPooch phone app. source:


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