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Mad Magazine paper mache chair

Mad Magazine paper mache chair. source: YoavSherman, etsy

Paper mache chair made out of Mad Magazine pages. Price ≈ $1,352.05, available at YoavShereman, etsy.

Telephone directory paper mache owl

Telephone directory paper mache owl. source:

Paper mache owl (8″ x 6″ x 14”t) made of recycled telephone directory pages. Price: $12.00 on sale! Available At West End.

Paper mache chandelier

Paper mache chandelier. source:

Paper mache chandelier made from paper, cardboard and honeycomb panels. Price: ≈ $2,311.97, available at Sarlemijn.

Paper mache spirit bowl

Paper mache spirit bowl. source: studioRenee, etsy

Paper mache spirit bowl made from salvaged paper (shredded old newspapers, junk mail, bills, etc.). Price: $69.00, available at studioRenee, etsy.

Paper mache artichoke lamp

Paper mache artichoke lamp. source:

Paper mache artichoke lamp made from recycled materials. Price: $800, available at Stray Dog Designs.

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