Skeleton spider

Skeleton spider.

Taking Klunkers on walks during the holidays is so much fun. Especially when neighbors go all out on decorating their homes and front yards. This year, folks have upped the “creep factor” by 10, skulls and spiders being the predominant theme (and basically kept the hairs on my arms and back of my neck at attention!). I thought it would be cool to spread some Halloween love, or, in this case, horror, to celebrate this oh, so freaky and spooky holiday.

Skeleton sconce

Skeleton sconce.

Buried skeleton

Buried skeleton.

No parking broom lane

No parking broom lane.

Giant spider web

Giant spider web.

Gargoyle sentry

Gargoyle sentry.

Skeleton under a mini oak tree

Skeleton under a min oak tree.

Ghost door decor

Ghost door decor.

Flying bat

Flying bat.

Skeleton head yard edging

Skeleton head yard edging.

Beware: Enter if you dare!!!

Beware: Enter if you dare!!!

Photography by Skaie Knox, HomeJelly

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