If you listen carefully, you’ll hear the faint whisper of spring announcing its long awaited arrival. With winter reluctantly packing its bags, we can now start planning the sprucing up of our gardens and outdoor spaces. Today’s blog features five fantastic DiggersList finds and how we can rework and make spiffy just in time for spring.

1. Picnic Table

DIY Tip: paint goes a long way by customizing and colorizing a simple picnic table into a fun, functional feature for your deck or patio area. Garden design photo courtesy of

2. Garden Gate

DIY Tip: sand, prime and paint or leave as is (“shabbified”), then install as a decorative wall piece or fabulously featured garden entrance. Garden design photo courtesy of bcinfrance, flickr.

3. Frog & Turtle Pond

DIY Tip: create a wonderful water feature with lilies, lotus, and lots of little fishies. For added adventure, adopt a turtle or two…the frogs will invite themselves. Don’t forget the river rocks to frame this pretty pond picture. Garden design photo courtesy of cwwycoff1, flickr.

4. Orbs

DIY Tip: sand and paint these ornamental orbs to create garden art all year long. Hang from trees or roll them anywhere into the garden and let nature be the critic.

5. Bridge

DIY Tip: these showy structures are fantastic to literally bridge two areas of your outdoor space; from deck to grass, grass to garden bed, path to path. Or, they can simply be a fun decorative feature to entice you and your guests to venture into the garden. Garden design photo courtesy of

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