Sometimes I come across an idea and find myself uncontrollably exclaiming, “Whoohoo!”. Mainly, because I know the discovery will definitely make my life easier, and in this case, more neat and tidy (oop!…here we go again…”Whoohoo!”). Thanks to the clever folks at Better Homes and Gardens, yours, too may feel lighter and breezier with these great ideas and how they’ll show you that organizing your small stuff is no big deal.

A plastic tackle/hardware box makes a perfect battery organizer. Photo:

Ice trays are sturdy and multi-compartmentalize your home improvement “bits and pieces”. Plus, they’re stackable, too! Photo:

Pringles cans are genius when wrapped with decorative paper and hot glued together to create a perfect sorting and storage unit for art/office supplies. Bet you can’t make just one! Photo:

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All photography by Skaie Knox, HomeJelly

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