Is This the New Trend in Kitchen Offices?

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A kitchen's handy, but hidden office.

A kitchen’s handy, but hidden office.

On a recent home tour for Dwellingz, I was super excited to come across one of the coolest versions of a kitchen office. You know, those typically off-to-the-side built-in desks that often have clutter from doing bills, homework or what have you? They’re certainly convenient, but can also present a tug-of-war when it comes to keeping it neat and tidy.

Today’s home features a trending and fabulously functional home office that allows you and your kids to still be connected to what’s going on in the kitchen, but is cleverly tucked away to offer just the right amount of seclusion and hide-away handiness.

Now, for those of us stuck with our current floor plan, this might be a tad bit frustrating. Still, we might consider alternative, accessible-yet-out-of-eye-sight niches we can transform into workable workspaces: a closet, under-the-stairs nook, rarely used dining area, or maybe even a strategically placed Shoji screen! Whichever option you choose (or not), I’m hoping this idea below will inspire you to make it work!

All you need in a kitchen office

All you need in a kitchen office.

Kitchen office desk that's hidden so smartly

Kitchen office desk that’s hidden so smartly!

Airy private and bright kitchen office

Airy, private and bright.

Built-in desk and storage another space to accessorize!

Built-in desk and storage another space to accessorize!

Is this the new trend in kitchen offices?

Is this the new trend in kitchen offices?

What do you think? Is this the new trend in kitchen offices? Click into the home tour to see more of this fabulous Manhattan Beach, California home!

All photography by Nick Meistrell for HomeJelly via Dwellingz

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