Industrial chic

Industrial chic.

We were just minding our own business roaming through the Long Beach Antique Market aisles, when BAM! We came across a most beautiful and unique console table. It looked to be custom made, so I approached the seller for more information. It was Becky, my power lift instructor at my gym.

“Tell me about this table? What is it made of? The table top looks so unusual.” Proudly, she turned to her husband, Fred, who was also the craftsman who created this functional piece of art. He kindly replied, “The top was made from a vintage expandable scaffolding plank. I ended up securing the moveable pieces with a screw so it wouldn’t shift out of place. The good thing is, because it’s designed to hold several men, it’s the sturdiest table you’ll ever find. I also did the steel work, cutting each piece for the legs. It’s a very nice combination of natural and industrial design.”

I was totally impressed. I had made my own reclaimed wood console table, and held a lot of DIY respect for what he had accomplished.

Industrial design joins steel and wood

Industrial design joins steel and wood.

Expandable scaffolding plank

Expandable scaffolding plank.

Custom steel work

Custom steel work.

This was a perfect piece of furniture for our new office space. I asked how much, mentally willing its price to be somewhere in the ballpark of a couple hundred dollars. “75 bucks,” answered Becky. “Sold!” I exclaimed. I couldn’t believe it!

Well, unfortunately, we didn’t buy the piece then, only taking a few pictures to show my husband, Matt’s office mate and brother and ultimately wait for his okay. I literally had to bite my tongue…it was such a great table! A week passed and no “go ahead and buy it” was ever mentioned. Still, I couldn’t get it out of my head. I secretly decided to pay cash and, if they didn’t want to place it in their office, well, I’d find somewhere to make use of it.

Done! Fred even offered to deliver it right to their door. The verdict? They loooooove their new table and it works perfectly as a stand for their large computer screen for presentations in their conference room! They now proudly show it off…man, do they have good taste!

Fred delivering his beautiful table

Fred delivering his beautiful table.

Vintage scaffolding console table

Vintage wooden scaffolding console table, perfectly suited for the conference room.

Custom cut steel legs are modern and sturdy

Custom cut steel legs are modern and sturdy.

Added shelf, added value

Added shelf, added value.

All photography by Skaie Knox, HomeJelly

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