After watching a recent episode of HGTV’s Income Property where host Scott McGillivray introduced a product called “metal carpet”, a removable and easily accessible wheel chair ramp, I was immediately moved to find and write about more of these cool designs and gadgets.  Frankly, I was a bit disappointed about what I found, or rather didn’t find, with regards to modern and/or updated decor ideas and would like to throw down the design gantlet to anyone who’s up for the challenge. The following products did pique my interest and gave me hope for handicapped homeowners everywhere who want access not only to ways they can live and move about more easily and conveniently in their digs, but who desire sleek, modern, and forward-thinking decor.

• Removable Roll-up Ramp

This lightweight ramp can be quickly attached to stairs, decks, and vehicles, and is easily removable, can roll up, and be stored away in a car, closet, or garage. Watch this video for the “rollaramp” for more information. Photo courtesy of

• Sleek Walk-In Shower

Designed by Kohler, this beautiful and elegant shower is easy to enter and because of its cleancoat surface, a breeze to clean. Photo courtesy of

• Modern Comode

This universal toilet and sink can accommodated anyone, but adds a bit of supportive flair for individuals in wheel chairs with a built-in back and/or chest rest. Designed by Changduk Kim and Youngki Hong. Photo courtesy of

• One-Handed Kitchen Holder Gadget

This gourmet gadget was realized by Lithuanian designer Gabriele Meldalkyte, who answered a need for easier one-handed food preparation. This device features cutting equipment, a tube holder and opener, bread slicer, peeling mechanism, and makes independent living a much easier task, at least in the kitchen. Photo courtesy of

• Bed-to-Wheelchair Transformer

Technology put to good use can produce life-changing results like this robotic bed prototype by Panasonic.  This bed can automatically transform into a wheelchair, has an automation system to control home appliances, and comes with a screen that is both a TV and home security camera viewer. Photo courtesy of

All photography by Skaie Knox, HomeJelly

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