Spice cabinet BEFORE...

Spice cabinet BEFORE…

I love our 1940s beach bungalow, mainly for its quirky features like interior split doors, glass doorknobs, and unexpected nooks and alcoves. However, besides our lack of an LG Dishwasher, there has been one such element to this house that we have not loved-our kitchen spice cabinet.

Why so? Well, due to our much utilized, rollable stainless steel cabinet, we could never access it – the door was completely blocked by its corner. And, if one of us did happen to place anything in there, we’d forget about it because it was so inconvenient to get to (yes, it’s so fun trying to shake out hardened garlic salt!).

So, when it came time to plan our kitchen mini-makeover, I was determined to tackle this wasted space. I’m always one to look for functional opportunities, and this time I discovered a duel purpose solution (self high-five!).

With a screwdriver, a splash of chalkboard paint and some found-around-the-kitchen accessories, I believe I succeeded in re-quirkifying this previously ignored spice cabinet into a useful chalkboard and kitchen shelving.


Useful chalkboard and kitchen shelving, after!

Useful chalkboard and kitchen shelving, AFTER!

Seriously, no access…

Wasted space inaccessible cabinet

Wasted space-inaccessible cabinet

I bought a set of beautiful salad bowls on sale at William-Sonoma that I was hoping to display, but previously had no room. Matt, being the self-admitted “bull in a China shop”, was thrilled about me placing this breakable art up and out of the way.

Bowl and penny stand

Bowl and penny stand!

Growing up in California has engrained in me a respect for Mother Nature, namely earthquakes. Therefore, I knew I had to secure this lovely fish bowl and realized a penny would do the trick and perfectly blend in with the colors. Yay, me! I call this my “Penny Stand!” (I’m guessing only Cougar Town nerds will get this reference.)

Penny stand!

Penny stand! Just hammer it right into the wood shelf.

Not only does this new nook help keep my grocery list current and easily changeable, it offers a space for more personality and silliness! Note: these shallow shelves makes writing easy, and keeps the nick-knacks to a reasonable minimum.

Changeable grocery list

Changeable grocery list.

Fun shelf stuff

Fun shelf stuff! We found this vintage Coca-Cola bottle buried on the side of our house…love it cuz it’s free!


Succ it and grow!

Succ it and grow!

What do you like most about this makeover…I’d love to know what y’all think!

All photography by Skaie Knox, HomeJelly

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