Wrapping paper doily closeup

Wrapping paper doily closeup.

This week, I’ve been down in Orange County working with my mom, Lois on my first decor ebook titled, Project Pillow. While toiling away like elves, she mentioned she had choir rehearsal tonight and needed to go to the store to buy doilies for the Christmas cookies she baked for her fellow choristers. Since our ebook to-do list had several more boxes to be ticked, I quickly rifled through my mind’s filing cabinet in search of a possible paper stand-in.

Voila! My mom’s closet was bulging with rolls and rolls of wrapping paper, so I thought I’d craft my way into repurposing one of them into a festive tray decor doily…and it was free! So, if you need something fast and easy for a Christmas party this weekend, try this!


Wrapping paper doily supplies

Wrapping paper doily supplies.

• wrapping paper

• tray or plate

• pencil

• scissors


1. Lay your tray or plate onto your wrapping paper and trace, then cut.

Trace & cut out the shape you need

Trace & cut out the shape you need.

2. Fold your paper four times in half…the more you fold, the more intricate your snowflake design will be…yes! (Have you seen what a real one looks like under a microscope? Incredible!)

Wrapping paper snowflake folds

Wrapping paper snowflake folds.

3. Cut any types of shapes you’d like on all three sides of your triangle-folded wrapping paper.

Cut out any shapes you like from the bottom

Cut out any shapes you like from the bottom.

Continue cutting out shapes

Continue cutting out shapes.

Finish cutting shapes on final side

Finish cutting shapes on final side.

4. Unfold and you are almost done…I thought I’d try to press it flat, so I took a tea towel, covered the doily and quickly ironed it. Success!

Close up of backside of doily

Close up of backside of doily.

Iron flat using a tea towel

Iron flat using a tea towel.

I’m personally a fan of “old school”, so I thought I’d show you both versions of “old” and “new-old”. What do you prefer?

Wrapping paper snowflake doilies

Wrapping paper snowflake doilies.

Here’s the irony…after all this…the cookies ended up being the stars (or, um, the sugar snowflakes) of this tray. Still, your guests will eventually see how you paid such artful attention to detail and be quite impressed, I’m sure! (Btw…my mom just got home and told me that everyone WAS surprised and looooved this very festive doily! Hurray!)

Wrapping paper doily covered in cookies

Wrapping paper doily covered in cookies (all baked by my mom…yum!). My favorite? The tea cookies in the middle.

I thought I’d leave you with some eye candy (er, cookies)…they deserve some doily love, so pull out that wrapping paper (you’ll need it soon anyhow), and give it a go!

Christmas cookies

Christmas cookies.

We’d love to see your doily designs…post a photo on our HomeJelly Facebook page if ya got a sec!

All photography by Skaie Knox, HomeJelly

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