Make a Spring is in ‘Bloom’ Door Decoration

Nature makes great signs

Nature makes great signs!

If you’re looking for something beautiful to don your doorsteps this spring, look no further than outside your window. Yes, Mom Nature is THE designer and a perfect resource for today’s DIY door decor project.

I also took inspiration from my gal pal, re-use everything designer, Shannon Quimby’s “Dream” wall decoration. I thought I’d show y’all my version with this fun spring is in “Bloom” door sign, along with some fun adornments that you can alter and tweak to make your own!


Bloom door decor supplies

• branches – be sure they’re fresh and bendable (even green!)

• pruners (I use the Fiskars PowerGear2 Pruners)

• wire snips/needle nose pliers or scissors

• floral wire


• dried and/or wooden flowers

• mini birds (I found the flowers and birds at Michaels)

• twine, embroidery thread, beads, and/or ribbon for hanging


1. Snip about 8-10 branches at varying lengths. I cut mine from about 8″ to 24″ long.

Snip branches

Snip branches.

2. Remove most of the leaves. If you’d like, you can keep a few to show what kind of branches you used.

Remove leaves

Remove leaves.

3. Bend then wrap ‘n lash floral wire to secure shape of letters. Snip then squeeze ends down with tip of needle nose pliers. Note: in the photo below, I had originally used floral tape. I later discovered that using ONLY wire is a much stronger way to lash the branches together (aka: *live ‘n learn*)

Wrap branches with floral wire

Wrap branches with floral wire.

4. Connect letters by repeating step 3. Again, you can leave out the floral tape.

Secure letters together with floral wire

Secure letters together with floral wire.

Bloom door decor ready for embellishing

Bloom door decor ready for embellishing!

6. Add embellishments by repeating step 3 . For glue gun nuts, feel free to use one. I just challenged myself to do this project w/o any adhesives. (*Yeah, I did.*)

Add embellishments using floral tape and wire

Add embellishments using floral tape and wire.

7. To hang, tie twine, ribbon, or embroidery thread around two of the letters (I quadrupled mine and added beads…fancy schmancy!). Done!

Bloom branches bloom

Bloom branches, bloom!

Spring is in Bloom!

Spring is in Bloom!

Bloom sign looks good even close up

Bloom sign looks good even close up.

Details make this sign unique and YOU

Details make this sign unique and YOU.

Welcome spring with a suggestion to bloom

Welcome spring with a suggestion to bloom.

All photography by Skaie Knox, HomeJelly

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