With a hardy knock at the door, then a push of the bell for good measure, we’re soon happily greeted by Bridget Johnson, who politely invites us in for an inside lookie-loo peak at her warm and hauntingly shabbyesque-decorated home located in Ladera Ranch, California. The first thing you notice upon entering is the immediate feeling of fun, imagination, and anticipation for a magical, Halloween night (with a posted 31-day countdown calendar to remind us). After years of collecting vintage and vintage-style decorations, the task of organizing everything into something cohesive and tasteful takes a bit of planning. “I just keep trying different things,” says Bridget. “If something doesn’t work, I simply switch things around until it looks and feels right.” With that said…let’s start the tour. Oh, and watch out for the black cat!

{Entryway}: subtly placed witch’s legs, broom and brew set a humorous and fun tone of what’s to come.

{Foyer}: A single quirky piece is all you need.

(Wall Nook}: an antique dresser and mirror creates a chic stage for this showpiece vinette.

{Bar}: If there was ever a space to go uber-goulish, try a small area like the bar…you’ll be ready to party any time.

{Fireplace}: this room feature is now something even more special, bringing attention to itself with crafty paper and faux garlands, lights, and Bridget’s favorite Halloween figures.

{Armoire Vinette}: a smattering of holiday items strategically placed, complements everyday accessories.

{Dining Room}: anyone is cordially invited to a month-long party when the dining room is set for guests…and even for those not invited!

{Kids’ Study Nook}: it may not be Christmas, but this pumpkin figurine helps motivate and excite little studiers to do well and to keep their eyes on the prize…more specifically, the candy!

Photography by Skaie Knox, HomeJelly

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