Aside from the spook-factor, a spider’s web is quite amazing in that, pound for pound, it is stronger and clearly more elastic than steel. In addition to its structural advantages, these sensational, silk lattices are like fingerprints and snowflakes…no one is identical; furthermore, their designs are works of arachnoid art, spun spirals of patterns that can rival the greatest sculptures of our time. Look now, at these web-inspired structures and decor pieces that have resulted in something quite unique and functional…it’ll only take an itsy, bitsy amount of your time.

{Web Door} Photo:

{Web Staircase} Photo:

{Web Chair} Photo:

{Web Sofa} Photo:

{Web Window} Photo:

{Web Chandelier} Photo:

{Web Gate} Photo: via pinterest

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Photography by Skaie Knox, HomeJelly

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