Buddha garden statues

Buddha garden statues.

As most people with itchy feet will attest to, traveling can be quite inspirational. On a recent visit to Colorado to see my cute and entertainingly rambunctious nieces and nephew, I took advantage of a school day and drove my mom and I into the quaint college town of Fort Collins. With a plethora of street lined mom ‘n pop shops, we were both in heaven. A little place called “The Perennial Gardener” invited us in with its cleverly dressed window display.

With the holiday season peeking around the corner, the trinkets and tinsel were overflowing the shelves. Lucky for me, their prices were very reasonable, so I snatched up a few Halloween knickknacks I’ve been wanting to add to my funky folk art-styled vibe and collection (click in to see this year’s Halloween DIY sign and tablescape).

I had the clerk stash my finds behind the counter as we continued making our way through the store. We eventually passed through a door in the back which led to this sunny outdoor patio filled with all kinds of interesting lawn ornaments. Many of them were locally made, so I decided I’d choose my favorites and take them home via my iPhone.

Now that the weather is cooling, and for many parts of the country (and world), Jack Frost will soon be nipping at our noses and placing a freeze on our garden’s greenery. A clever way to keep our outdoor spaces lively is to add lawn ornaments and other snow-friendly decor. There is a lot to choose from these days and this Colorado shop was no exception.  Here now are my picks and why…no need to book a flight – just kick up your feet and enjoy!

Buddha garden statue head

Buddha garden statue head.

I don’t know what it is about Buddhas…there’s a serenity that’s added with their presence.

Horse heads

Horse heads.

There’s something very regal about horse heads and these would be great as a herd. They can sit in a flower bed, or one can be placed in front of sprinkler controllers to disguise it (see this mermaid one as an example of what I mean!), or perched upon an entryway pillar.

Squirrel friend

Squirrel friend.

Mimicking nature always seems to work, in my opinion. This little guy would fit right in with the huge bushy tailed population of the tree section in our neighborhood.

Ominous raven

Ominous raven.

Perfect for Halloween, this haunting black bird will keep all your garden critters in line.

Decorative stepping stones

Decorative stepping stones.

Create a year-round feature with these lovely natural stepping stones. When the snow melts, you’ll have butterflies and snapdragons to greet you.

Mini metal bench and aqua blue fountain

Mini metal bench and aqua blue fountain.

I loved the old and weathered metal bench next to this pop of blue bird bath. It just said, “welcome” to me.

Spoonish wind wheel

Spoonish wind wheel.

I actually took a picture of this spoon wind wheel to possibly make something out of real spoons at home. Movement in a garden is so soothing.

Squirrel water catcher

Squirrel water catcher.

I always love the idea of catching rain, and with this sweet squirrel, you’ll most likely have the neighborhood birds stopping by for a sip.

Quirky bird fountain and bath

Quirky bird fountain and bath.

Here’s a humorous piece that does double duty. It’s also made to look aged and improve by weather.

Birdie Colorful birdie birdhouse

Colorful birdie birdhouse.

This lovely birdie bird house couldn’t help itself from catching my eye! Hand-made from sustainable materials and lead-free paint, any nestling would love to call this eco-friendly home, home.

Which one’s your favorite?

All photography by Skaie Knox, HomeJelly

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