Street view of hidden sprinkler knob

Street view of hidden sprinkler knobs.

On one of our daily walks through our Manhattan Beach neighborhood, Klunkers and I nearly passed by this amazing trick that cleverly rid an otherwise lovely planter from the dreaded eye sore of sprinkler controls. At first, I saw this lady’s angelic head as just another artfully crafted lawn ornament. Being just steps from the beach, this looked to me like a mermaid who had come to shore to nap a while amongst the succulents.

Lady lawn ornament

Lady lawn ornament.

As we stepped closer to admire the “mermaid”, I was more interested in how beautiful she was and how this sculpture added sophistication to the landscaping. I thought I would capture her image for inspiration in hopes that I might come across something as stunning somewhere down the line for my home. And then…surprise!

What's hidden behind the lady lawn ornament

What’s hidden behind the lady lawn ornament?

She was actually a disguise for this ugly sprinkler control system! Brilliant! I never even saw the pipes and wires from the street, allowing this family’s curb appeal to stay nicely in tact. I knew I had to share this wonderful tip with you all, so after snapping of these photos, I mentally “high fived” the owners. I found interesting lawn sculptures here that range from whimsical to artful.

Do you have any thoughts about this DIY curb appeal tip?

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