The first thing most of us think of when we hear of a two-car smash-up, is, Which driver was at fault?, or, I hope that person has insurance, or he’s/she’s going to be taken to court! So, what would you think if you saw a car mashed up into a desk?

Jeep desk mash up

Jeep desk mash up.

Well, in today’s post, I’m reminded of how reusing warms my heart, witnessing junk being put to good use. I’ve seen it done many times, but not in the form of an old Jeep! Yessiree…on a recent jaunt to the Long Beach Antique Market, I almost slammed into the grill of one. At first I thought, “Sheesh, who would buy an old Jeep grill?” Then, as I walked behind it…I saw this:

Rear view of Jeep desk

Rear view of Jeep desk.

Brilliant! (Or should I say Grilliant! – yes, I’m still a dork.) I can see a piece like this uniquely placed in an office or kids’ room (he/she would certainly win some “you’re so cool” points with friends, for sure!).

What I most appreciated about this flea market find, was that the imaginative artisan used the lines of this vintage military Jeep hood (a discovery of abandoned military jeeps from the Indian Army) to design and insert drawers…wooden ones at that! They add such warmth to the metal, don’tcha think?

Close-up of custom built, wooden drawers

Close-up of custom built, wooden drawers.

Here’s another repurpose mash-up: an iconic 1964 Ambassador car by Hindustan Motors, transformed into a clever bench. How fun would this be to have in a game room or lounge/bar area?!?

Vintage car bench

Vintage car bench.

Okay, HomeJelly peeps, we’ve gotta give snaps to Vintage Addiction…hop on over to their shop and browse around!

Vintage Addiction's booth at the Long Beach Antique Market

Vintage Addiction’s booth at the Long Beach Antique Market.

This trip has certainly re-schooled me in the re-purposing adage, “Junk is in the eye of the beholder.” Okay, so it’s not THE old saying…so sue me!

Now, it’s your turn!

Would you purchase a repurposed piece of furniture like these? If so, where would you put it in your home? Tell us in the comments below!

All photography by Skaie Knox, HomeJelly

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