Dining room feature wall with paint and gold leafing…elegant and bad-ass at the same time. source:

If you’re a decor nerd like me, you know that trends come and go. There’s been a question around the design world whether feature walls (or “accent walls” or “focal walls”, tomAY-to – tomAH-to) are out of style.

Or, at the very least, being “handed its hat”.

After discovering these design ideas that follow, you’ll agree that feature walls can keep their lids on the rack! 

When we reimagine even the most common trends by using quality, time-honored materials, or only commit to smaller spaces or easily removable/changeable mediums, all kinds of possibilities can open up design-wise.

Here is just an excerpt of ideas…hop on over to today’s sponsor, HomeRight, to read the full article.


Soft and serene painted pink feature wall. source:

{Painted Feature Wall}Pink may be a tad on the soft, feminine side, but I’ll venture to add that it’s also incredibly serene. This living room is no exception…don’tcha just want to stay a while?

BTW…any painted feature wall can be finished in a flash with the help of HomeRight’s PaintStick EZ-Twist. It’s not only fast, it’s clean and so fun to use! My hubby and I painted our laundry room in under an hour!


Fabulous stick-on wallpaper triangles are also removable. source:

{Wallpapered Feature Wall}My Cousin Kelly and his mom-in-law completed this nursery feature wall in the name of love – they had to, as each removable triangle was applied individually. The results? Amazing…and, like each stage of childhood, temporary!


Partially planked wood and tiled bedroom feature wall is just…Wow! source:

{Tiled Feature Wall}Mixing materials can give you a dramatic and oh-so-cool look like this herringbone feature wall. I. just. want. it. NOW!


Stenciled bathroom feature wall is clean and modern. source:

{Stenciled Feature Wall}: It IS possible to DIY many of these feature walls. This small-space, bathroom wall would take up a weekend at most. With a plethora of modern and stylish stencils available today, this puts its 80s predecessors to shame. For how-to, click the photo above.


Scrap wood feature wall. source:

{Scrap Wood Feature Wall}: My husband and I stumbled across this unique plank wood feature wall at Beckers, a local surf shop in our neighborhood. I often find inspiration for home and office decor when I’m out and about…a good tip, by the way. This wall could be amazing in an entryway, a hallway or even on an outdoor patio wall.

To see even MORE feature wall ideas, read the full article on my HomeRight DIY Expert page!

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