Stupid Quote by Dr. Gregory House

You may be asking what’s this got to do with home decor, design or diy?

Umm…just about everything, if you think about it.

Our homes represent who we are. Our tastes, our aesthetic, our style…aaaaand, yes, our hygiene.

But, this isn’t why I’m posting this quote today. It’s a little note to myself, frankly. And, why I’m doing this on HomeJelly is because I’m risking the chance that I’ll look stupid.

Hence, the quote. And, hopefully, that something great will happen out of this.

To be totally transparent, (God, I hate that term. Isn’t transparent just a fancy word for honesty?) – so, to be totally honest, this “putting myself out there”, and possibly looking stupid, completely terrifies me.

Why the “F”?

I’m guessing it’s because no one wants to look stupid or, God forbid, be criticized, ridiculed, or “called out” for not being as good as they think they are, or educated enough, or professional enough, or witty, or funny, or talented or, or, or, OR!!!

And, speaking for myself…I’ve been avoiding this stupid trap for YEARS.

What the “F”!!!

“If You’re Not Willing to Look Stupid, Nothing Great Will Ever Happen to You”


Okay, okay. I got it.

So, at just 10 days after my 49th birthday (there it is), I am calling a time out. Time to regroup the “players” (all the self-doubts, negative thoughts, criticisms, etc.) and tell them that if they don’t change their game plan, they’re off the team!

Go Kings!

I’m not sure exactly why I’ve become so freaking self-disparaging – like having a Simon Cowell in my head or standing over my shoulder screaming at me non-constructive, expletives ev-rey time I clickity-clack my keyboard with a thought or idea for my next blog, editorial, song or video.

For God’s sake, Simon! Get the “F” out!

And, so…

I’m GOING to look stupid this year. Yesssss, I am! And, here’s a start:

I’m a totally self-taught diyer, designer, and home decorator…and I’m awesome.

Krinkles giving me a raspberry

Krinkles giving me the “raspberry.

Krinkles just gave me a raspberry. My own dog thinks I look stupid declaring that…but, I know he still loves me.

That’s good enough for me.

I’m guessing, others will follow Krinkles’ lead, too, and find my being myself refreshing and entertaining. (Though, I could live without the raspberries.)

So, then…I will continue strengthening, conditioning and inspiring my “team” to be positive. In other words I will OWN myself and have the courage…

To fight the urge to please.

To stop WORRYING that being MYSELF on my blog or anywhere else might be too personal, offensive or be considered amateur. (Suck it!)

To have abandon with MY style!

To break out of the confinement of an unspoken, online blogging “etiquette”, which often leads us to edit who we actually are.

To be truly authentic in all that I do. Even share when I’ve failed or almost failed, or did and had to fix it. (Note: I often find typos in old posts…yep! I just found another sentence that was totally awkward!)

And, with the help of my friends like: DIY gal-pal, Shannon Quimby; “bloggah from another mothah”, Jenna Lafevor; bestie, Andrea White; contributor and long-time friend and diving teammate, Bridget Johnson; photography mentor and diyer, Steve Cowman; my farm girl mom, Lois; Krinkles and “Energizer Bunny” hubby, Matt Knox…I can conquer the world!

Most of all…

Goofballs. Me and Q.

Goofballs. Me and Q.

I can look STUPID.

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