In light of today’s 4.5 and other recent 3.7 earthquakes here in California, I feel “moved” to share a lifesaving tip should you find yourself in the midst of a major quake. My friend Steve Cowman, a paramedic/fire fighter engineer for the San Diego Fire Department, explained to me that the majority of survivors found alive in earthquakes followed this advice:

• Get down ON the floor, NEXT to (NOT under) your bed.

If major debris falls, the bed usually catches a side of it, and the bulk of the weight, creating a sort of “survival tent” which also provides air to breath, and hopefully space to move about and even escape. Hiding under the bed is not recommended, as the frame could collapse. Doorways are also not recommended, especially in major tremors, because your ability to balance on your feet and to stay in a small area could be difficult (let alone the door can easily swing closed and injure you as well).

Check out this site for more information on earthquake preparedness, prevention, and practice.  To review how you can limit damage to your home from seismic activity, see our previous blog:  S.H.A.K.E. Off Disaster:  5 Ways to Earthquake Proof Your Home.

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