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As more people turn their backyards into sanctuaries for relaxation, designers are finding creative ways to elevate products from ordinary to whimsical. Take Stephen Myburgh and Caroline Fletcher of the UK, for example. By creating sculptural “mood swings” out of copper, stainless steel and fiber glass resin, the pair have taken backyard swings to a whole new and artistic level. The swings are single-seat works of art that can hang from a tree or swing indoors. Their names alone elicit a feeling of serenity: Jasmin, Lily, Inhale, Moon.

Mood swings remodeling products

The Moon swing above uses a smooth, beaten copper interior to form a golden hammock. What a quiet place to get away from the hustle and bustle of life… And the copper screens behind the swing can be used as freestanding water features or sculptural space dividers.

Mood Swings do require time for the artists to sculpt. They are available for purchase here or through Tim Clarke Design/Tower 20 Showroom in Los Angeles. Jonathan Laguna, who works at the showroom, said the lead time is about 10 to 12 weeks. “Each swing truly is a work of art and therefore each piece is made to order,” according to Laguna.

The prices range from about $5,200 for the Lily and Jasmin swings to as much as $30,000 for the Pumpkin swing.

Mood swing remodeling products

Made from recycled copper and waxed for protection against the elements, the Pumpkin swing draws you inside to relax, discover the built-in secret music box and recline in your own hideaway. An integral light creates a warm glow and glints and sparkles on the smooth, copper walls.

Mood swing remodeling products

This is the fairylike Jasmin swing. Featuring twisted, curling florets of wrought iron, the structure encloses a nest of cushions and comfort. The designers suggest intertwining climbing jasmine to complement the swing’s natural surroundings in your garden.

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