My mother-in-law, Rosann Munger, who is undoubtedly a super talented artist, recently sent me photos of a DIY mosaic tiling project she completed that I knew I had to share with y’all.  Check out her beautiful work and the fun how-to written especially for you and our friends at

Posted by Skaie Knox on 6/8/2011 for:


Photo/Design/Artist: Roseann Munger

As the warm June sunshine pours through my window, I suddenly realize that summer is just weeks away. It’s the long awaited season for backyard parties, weekend lounging, and simply enjoying the outdoors.

Today’s how-to is for the ambitious and artfully minded DIYer who wishes to impress family and guests by turning ordinary outdoor furniture and accessories into mosaic tile masterpieces.


• piece of furniture or accessory (i.e bench, mirror, table, planter or pot, stepping stones, etc.)
decorative and colorful tile
• cardboard
• glue gun or thinset
• small trowel
• grout float
• sponge
• grout sealer


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