Repurposed metal basket swag light hanging in our dining room

I was so excited to complete this super easy project. Our living room has been so dim for so long. It’s now bright as a penny AND looks so much more stylish!

If you’ve ever stepped foot inside a salvage shop, the amount of stuff can be a bit overwhelming. The trick I’ve found over the years is to go in with a plan. Well, at the very least, bring along a wishlist of items you’re looking to add to your home’s decor.

Take today’s project: a repurposed metal basket swag light with veneer weaving. Our home’s living room has suffered from both lack of light and lack of ceiling style for years, so on a recent trip to LA’s iconic and quirky Metropolis shop, I knew the plan going in and the results are fantastic!

Skaie's found metal basket from Metropolis Salvage Shop in LA

My found metal basket from Metropolis. I KNEW it was gonna make for a fabulous light!

In fact, what I hadn’t predicted was that this light is perfect to hang inside AND out! Oh, and because it’s a swag style, you can hang it in any room. How fabulously flexible can one decorative piece get?

So, now, with just a few select supplies, NO power tools, and these simple how-to instructions, you, too will be able to make an elegant, reimagined light fixture that’ll totally overwhelm your guests with decor envy!


round metal basket (ours is 18” diameter)

spray paint

maple veneer – 12 square feet

• utility knife

• metal straight edge

• wood stain

• P120 sandpaper

• hole punch

suede lacing

15.5′ light bulb fabric cord

LED Big Bulb – this bulb can last up to 20 or more years!


Click here for FULL how-to instructions, along with additional tips on our article on today’s sponsor, Universal Furniture‘s Explore Home blog. 


Watch our Repurposed Metal Basket Swag Light Tutorial:

[mv_video key=”kujt2hmeciyalpg9vs5b” sticky volume=”70″ aspectRatio title=”Repurpose a Metal Basket into a Swag Light with Veneer Weaving” thumbnail=””]

Repurposed metal basket swag light hanging in trees

Repurposed metal basket swag light hanging in trees – it’s so organic and beautiful hung outdoors.

Repurposed metal basket swag light with suede lacing detailing hanging in trees

Here’s a different view of this repurposed metal basket swag light with suede lacing detailing hanging in trees.

Repurposed metal basket swag light lit up hanging in trees

I just love how this metal basket swag light lites up among the trees. It’s just so romantic.

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How to repurpose a metal basket into a modern swag light
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