Styled Lazy Susan loves to serve!

Styled Lazy Susan loves to serve!

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Are you a lazy-McLazerson? 

Well, I don’t know about you, but sometimes I’m not quite in the mood to DIY. But, darn it! When I see something I KNOW I can make, I just feel so compelled to wanna try it!


Today, I’m definitely in one of those moods, but I think I’ve turned it into an advantage. Not everything posh and beautiful has to take a lot of effort. How does one hour sound?

Yep. Laziness can be an awesome motivator. (AND, quite the oxymoron!). The star of this how-to is the wooden clock plaque. Because it has a pre-drilled center hole, finding the center for the Lazy Susan hardware is done for you. Is that lazy, or is that genius? I’ll let you decide once you complete this super simple and chic home decor project.

(cue: dusting magical glitter off shoulders)

Today’s how-to includes a VIDEO tutorial for those of us SUPER lazy-McLazersons who just want to watch how it’s done. For you crafty go-getters, I’ve included the supplies list and links to purchase.

Hop onto today’s sponsor, Universal Furniture‘s Explore Home blog for the FULL easy-peasy step-by-step instructions (along with handy tips) to make this lazy DIYer’s lovely Lazy Susan. 


[mv_video key=”twixz02urm4tpyf7mrwh” sticky volume=”70″ aspectRatio title=”Make a Lazy Susan the Lazy DIYer’s Way” thumbnail=””]


Lazy Susan supplies.

Lazy Susan supplies.

¾” x 10” wooden circle clock plaque 

(1) ⅜” screw hole button 

• light sandpaper

wood beeswax 

lazy susan hardware 

• screw driver or drill 

• Gorilla Glue contact adhesive 

• ¾” x 32” leather strap – tan or bourbon brown 

• (2) 1/2″ decorative nails –  antique pewter or antique brass or scalloped brass 

rubber mallet

Optional: clamp-on vise 


Visit our article on Universal Furniture’s Explore Home blog for full how-to instructions. 

Scandinavian-style and inspired Lazy Susan

Scandinavian-style and inspired Lazy Susan. Clean, simple, elegant.

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