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My husband came up with the idea to build an outdoor shower with a garden hose after coming home from surfing. If you surf, you can probably empathize with the process of rinsing the sand and seawater off before going inside. After locating a couple of spigots in our backyard, he said, “I think I can make an outdoor shower with a garden hose!” One quick trip to the hardware store and his vision became a reality. Here’s a step-by-step guide for making one for yourself:

Supplies Needed:

Outdoor shower supplies: garden hose, electric drill, hose spray nozzle, 2 c-clamps, scrap wood


1.) Prep the support beam:

Use a piece of scrap wood that is thick and long enough to support your hose nozzle (we used: 1 1/2″ x 3 1/2″ x 12 1/2″). Next, sand and paint the wood. If you need to create a bracing beam from the floor to the height of your shower, be sure to use the same thickness and width of the wood. Using cement screws, attach it to the exterior wall of your home. If you prefer not to attach it to your house, you can also use a fence or patio beam.

2.) Drill the screw holes for the support beam and secure:

Pre-drill four screw holes and secure the support beam. Once you’ve drilled the holes, use a Phillips bit to secure the support beam with screws.

Securing the support beam
Securing the support beam.

3.) Place the C-clamp:

Attach the nozzle to the hose and position the head where you’d like it to go. Next, place the C-clamp where it fits best on the nozzle’s handle, then mark the holes with a pencil. Do the same for the other C clamp you’ll place along the wall beam (approx. 2 1/2′ – 3′ from the ground).

Placing the "c" clamps
Placing the “c” clamps.

4.) Screw in the “c” clamps:

Using your pencil marks in step 4, pre-drill holes and align the c-clamp into place. Screw in the screws to secure.

Screwing in the "c" clamps
Screwing in the “c” clamps.

5.) Set the spray nozzle:

Set your nozzle to the desired setting, then lock the handle into the “on” position using the locking clip. Your shower will automatically spray when you turn it on.

Here’s what the finished product should look like:

man cleaning off surf board with outdoor garden hose shower

Have you ever made a DIY outdoor shower? Share your how-to & tips!

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