Yes, yes…paint IS the easiest way to change the feel and look of a room, but, my friends, I think we can take it another step further! Moroccan mosaic tile can not only add color to your home, it can elevate even the smallest of spaces with fantastic interest and style. Install on the floor, as a backsplash, or even as wall art – and with so many colors and patterns, you can make a design to fit your style. Seriously, your home will a-love you for it!


The Winchester Tile Company – Residence – Chateaux Mix on Papyrus. source:

Entryway's colorful floor

Entryway’s colorful floor adds a powerful pop of interest right at the get-go! source:

Different Patchwork Backsplash Tiles

Different patchwork backsplash tiles is an eclectic wall of sophistication and fun. source:

Kitchen with Moroccan tile backsplash

Kitchen with fabulous Moroccan tile backsplash…the varying greens is so unique and beautiful, don’t you think? source:

Video: You’ll Never Look at Moroccan Tiles the Same Again!

My thoughtful Uncle Joe sent me this video that has definitely heightened not only my education on how Moroccan tile is made (Ca-razy hand-detailing, hellooo!), it also deepened my appreciation of the artistry and man-power that goes into creating each and every piece.

Here now, are a few of our favorites for you to view up close and personal…enjoy!
Multicolor tile

Multicolor Moroccan tile. source:

Demicerc hand-crafted tile

Demicerc hand-crafted tile. source:

Asfi splashback, wall art, or centerpiece

Asfi splashback, wall art, or centerpiece – the options are kinda endless. source:

Turquoise:Spring Green Splashback

Turquoise/Spring green splashback. source:

Chayer3C-Customised Mosaic Panels

Chayer3C-customised mosaic panels. source:

Dina - Customised Mosaic Panels

Dina – customised mosaic panels. source:

Hand painted 41-Moroccan mosaic tiles

Hand painted 41-Moroccan mosaic tiles – each one individually painted. source:

2ARM6-Customised Mosaic Panels

2ARM6-Customised mosaic panels – these can be designed for any space and for lots of different uses. source:

Now It’s Your Turn!

Where might you install Moroccan tile in your home?

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