Today, we continue our home staging “walk through” into the living and family rooms, to see how we can easily create a soothing mood that will surely entice buyers to kick up their feet and stay a while.

TIP: Light the fireplace/or place lit candles inside or on coffee/side tables to warm the room. Photo courtesy of

TIP: Place a throw blanket and pillows on a chair or sofa to cozy up this living space. Photos courtesy of Wonderlane, flickr and, consecutively.

TIP: Open drapes and blinds, then turn on side table lamps to soften the overall light in the room. Photo courtesy of

TIP: Play soft soothing music through TV or iPod player to set a pleasant, auditory element to your space

Candle tips courtesy of HGTV’s host of “The Unsellables“, Sofie Allsopp.

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