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By now, most of the country is well into flip-flops and shorts season, contending with summer’s heat and humidity by cooling off in their backyard or neighborhood pool, running through the sprinklers, or holing up in their air conditioned homes.¬† The latter being more than likely the most common and most expensive method, there is a way to save on our utility bills this season (and the next!).

It’s Black&Decker’s green-friendly product (aside from the packaging) called the “Thermal Leak Detector“. This infrared thermometer takes wall and roof surface temperatures to locate and identify energy leaks. Because of its accessibility in price, homeowners now have the ability to monitor their home’s energy efficiency and take steps to keeping more money in their pockets.

Here are some of the key uses provided by

  • Use for seasonal home inspections
  • Find hidden leaks around doors, floors, walls, pipes, ducts, windows and more
  • Use to check temperatures of surfaces you can’t touch
  • Check to make sure your HVAC is working properly
  • Diagnose engine misfires
  • Check ceiling insulation around recessed lights
  • Check for drafts around the fireplace
  • Confirm that your fridge and freeze settings are correct
  • And many more applications

Where to purchase? Visit for best price: $29.99, normally $64.00. Rating:4 1/2 stars¬† How-to-Use: For a quick “how-to-use” video, click here.

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