Superhero mirror closeup

Superhero mirror closeup. source: Balooga, esty

Below is an excerpt from an article I wrote for LA’s Divulge Magazine:


Now, when I asked Paul and Michelle Kuffrey of The Green Trading Co., based in Chattenooga, TN, what inspired them to create their superhero home decor items, they said, “We felt that too many comics were being abandoned in a box under the bed.

We wanted to capture the moments that made you a true believer and bring together generations of comic lovers.” Each piece is wrapped with reclaimed, original vintage comics and can be shipped throughout the USA and worldwide. Contact and to purchase, visit GreenDoorTradingCo on Facebook.

Vintage suitcase

Vintage suitcase…cool, nerdy decor. source: GreenDoorTradingCo, etsy

Refurbished vintage table

Refurbished vintage table. source: GreenDoorTradingCo, etsy

Columbia, South Carolina native and graphic designer, Chris Petersen knows the force is with him. His fine art prints pay homage to the essence and powerful symbolism of iconic superheroes.

“My work is inspired by vintage/retro styles from artists during the Constructivist, Dada, Minimalist and Pop Art movements. I approach each project by thinking ‘how can I create accessible art while eliminating as much noise as possible’, — breaking down an iconic image or premise to its most basic visual elements, while still honoring that which has come before.” Prints available at TheGeekerie,

R2D2 print

R2D2 print. source: theGeekerie, etsy.

Cyclops print

Cyclops print. source: theGeekerie, etsy.

You can read the full-story and view more photos of superhero decor in the July 2013 issue of Divulge Magazine.

July 2013 Divulge Magazine issueOkay…be honest…are you a closet superhero nerd, too?

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