Bird-on-a-branch nature keepsake

Bird-on-a-branch nature keepsake.

It’s amazing what you can find just outside your front door, and when you live in an area where there are lots of trees and trails, nature can often provide inspiration to create your own personalized keepsake. Recently, Matt and I set off on a very memorable 5-hour hike near our home and, I, as usual, grabbed two trusty and readily available walking and throwing sticks-a habit I picked up from many wilderness camping trips.

This particular nature trek was so peaceful and bonding, and something about it left me wanting to remember its specialness. After holding the shorter branch in my hand for hours, it became as familiar as a friend. So much so, that I knew it would make the perfect souvenir and craft project for when we returned home.

Here now, is a very simple photo tutorial of what I did with my lovely little branch. I start out illustrating what inspired me to make this piece and how I thought I’d embellish it with a touch of personality – yarn! See what I did with this reindeer, too!. I’ve always been partial to little birdies-their song and ability to take flight have always connected with me, let alone they being both an audible and visual reminder of the outdoors.

This, by the way, is a great tip in creating something that is meaningful to you. When your decor holds personal significance, it transforms a space into a home.

The inspiration-yarn-wrapped trees in Santa Rosa, CA

The inspiration-yarn-wrapped trees in Santa Rosa, CA.

Clip on bird, branch, and yarn bits

The supplies were pretty simple: a clip-on bird (found at Michael’s), my throwing branch, and yarn bits (oh, and not shown, some scissors).

Start by tying on the first piece of yarn

Start by tying on the first piece of yarn.

Continue wrapping yarn

Continue wrapping yarn.

Trim the yarn pieces

Trim the yarn pieces.

Yarn wrapped bird on a branch

Clip on the bird, and you’ve got yourself a DIY nature keepsake.

Beautiful branch

Beautiful bird-on-a-branch with a twist of yarn.

Beautiful branch and birdie, too

Beautiful branch and birdie, too.

Moveable decor…switch it up any time you wish

Moveable decor!

Have you wrapped anything with yarn?

Note: if you are hiking in a state or national park, be sure to ask if you are allowed to remove dead fall wood from the area. Most likely, you will not; however, ask the ranger what options you might have.

All photography by Skaie Knox, HomeJelly

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