Comedian and professional “Dignified Slacker”, Andy Samberg with Martha Stewart.

If you’re looking for tips to help make this season’s holidays “absolutely perfect,” please move on!  There is nothing for you to see here, folks.

[Cue the string quartet rendition of “Glory Glory Hallelujah”]

This blog post is for those of you who wish not to achieve the unattainable “ideal”, portrayed so effortlessly by Martha Stewart and her perfectly proper staff of “Home-Bots”. This one is for those of you who want to survive the “Ghosts of Horrible Holidays Past”, saving your loved ones from dealing with an overly-emotional, extra-complicated and stressed-out version of you.

BEHOLD!  The Dignified Slacker!

[End instrumental music]

DiggersList’s guest blogger, Jenny as “Dignified Slacker”-In training, circa newly immigrant status. “Never Let Them See You Sweat.” That old anti-perspirant slogan on the TV screen had it right all along.

What is the “Dignified Slacker” you may ask? Well…I made it up. It’s just my term for recovering perfectionists who believe that “perfect” is the enemy of “good.” It is for people who choose to live in the reality of happiness-land rather than fairy-tale-perfection-land. The Dignified Slacker is an attitude! It’s a way of being! And it’s a strategy for managing the craziness of the winter holiday season. Now, to the list…

5 simple ideas to enjoy the holidays and live the charmed life of the Dignified Slacker:

1. Declutter. Make Actual Space for the Holidays.
Get into all your drawers and closets and scoop out the stuff you haven’t used for a year.  Make a trip to the local donation store.  Haul it to your trash bin.  Can’t make that quick decision? Put it away in a box or bag if you have the space (see convenient “Transient Items” station below).  If you still don’t need it by February, you didn’t really need it.  Send it to the donation store, sight unseen. Donating without looking? “Slacker.”  Helping the needy? “Dignified.”

Simple file boxes make a great “Transient Items” station.  Photo Credit: The Red Chair Blog


2. Prioritize.  Really.  Find the 20% Most Impactful Things.
This means you learn to TRULY prioritize. I find that 3 things is usually the magic number. 3 things a week.  Most of our brains cannot hold more.  Not EVERYTHING is important to do RIGHT NOW. Use the same rule to get the big picture. If there are twenty things that could be done, just pick the 20% that has to be done and ONLY do that.  Try it.  Might feel painful at first. Just dull it with a little eggnog.

Get your floors and tabletops clear! An organized Los Angeles TV and Guestroom.  Photo Credit: ORGANIZED. By Jenny


3.  Plan Ahead and “Batch” Like Items
Gotta make holiday cookies? Do it all at once and freeze them until you need to bake them off and send them to grandma’s house.  Gotta make phone calls? Do it all at once.  Need to make food for the family while you plan for the holidays? Buy and make all your food for the week on Sunday.  It’s okay if the kids eat lasagna for three days in a row. When you batch like actions, you tend to see what’s more important to do. So just do those things.

Just make a bunch of cookie dough balls at once and freeze them! Just one example of “batching” like tasks. Photo: Always Order Dessert

4. Delegate Like You Own The Holidays.
If you’re only doing 3 things a week, delegate.  From kids, siblings, cousins, friends to elderly parents, everyone can do SOMETHING. It’s the holidays. No one needs to be the hero, not even Santa. Ask for help. You are the CEO of your holiday projects.  Put your people to work for you!  Certainly, even Martha Stewart isn’t the one who personally decorates, maintains and fixes her home. Neither should you.

Make it a team effort. Delegate! Photo:


5. Get Plenty of Water, Fiber and Rest.
I know. This is good advice for life in general.  But even more so during the holidays.  All that alcohol, butter and socializing gets tiring.  Be sure to schedule in time to rest. Embrace the “slacker” in you.

Kick up your heals…You deserve it! Photo: Aol Jobs.


Do you think being a “Dignified Slacker” this holiday season will work for you?  What other ways can you reduce what you have to do so you can enjoy the holidays?


Be on the lookout for my next guest blog on finding creative storage solutions for those holiday decorations and doodads.

Jenny Yang is a writer, comedian and the principal organizer behind ORGANIZED. By Jenny [].  Founded in 2008, ORGANIZED. By Jenny is a professional home and office organizing service specializing in coaching creatives, businesses and busy families for healthy, productive and inspired living.

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