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5 Deco-organizing Ways to Spruce Up Your Books Shelves

A friend of mine recently decided to take on an early "spring cleaning" project, so she removed everything from her office book shelves that were previously hidden under years of college textbooks, old mail, and

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Holiday Organizing Tips: The Not-So-Martha-Stewart Guide to How to Be A "Dignified Slacker"

What is the "Dignified Slacker" you may ask? Well...I made it up. It's just my term for recovering perfectionists who believe that "perfect" is the enemy of "good." It is for people who choose to live in the reality of happiness-land rather than fairy-tale-perfection-land.

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Home Sweet Home In A Storage Container

Repurposing is very cool when the outcome results in something practical, strong, sustainable, and beautiful. Check out these super awesome storage containers that now hold and house people!