Are you one of those people?

(You know. The kind that infuriate my kind of people?)

Who, every year, without fail, take fabulous photos of your family (and pets…grrrrr!), then like a perfect Santa’s elf, send them off to your loved ones (on time…pah!) to be received, shared and then hung with pride?


Okay…not really bah-humbug…but, I am kinda bugged. Not because you’re on top of things, but, because I can’t seem to get excited about sending what everyone else seems to be sending these days…photo postcards.

Don’t get me wrong, they’re very nice and the main reason we do so is to keep in touch (not enough on FB?) and to spread the joy of the season (actually, that’s really nice).

Still…wouldn’t it be fun, for at least the “top-of-the-list” folks to receive something totally unique and able to use again next year? Better yet, your recipients may even, on some occasions, want to keep at least one of these cards displayed as beautiful decor All. Year. Long!

Joy to the world!

Here now, are some fabulous holiday greeting cards you’ll be proud to send and even keep for yourself.

So, when the holidays are over, you can place these now keepsakes into your Christmas/holiday storage box for next year…instead of in a shoebox or the dreaded trash can.

We certainly don’t want to be those kind of people.

Deer Card Sculptures

This fabulously whimsical DIY Christmas card come in leather and metal (brass, copper and stainless steel) and can be folded into a cool deer sculpture by the person who receives it. In a few easy steps, the enclosed leather or metal deer pad will become a reindeer sculpture as a fine material home decoration. 

We especially love the different designs and think this might be a great gift to gift yourself! Join the LAST DAY of their Kickstarter campaign (Friday, Nov. 13, 2015) and give these fine artists a chance to sell these beauties this holiday season! For more information and to contact the artists, visit

Deer Card Sculpture

Deer Card Sculpture. source:

How the card appears


Deers can also come in copper, brass and stainless steel

Deers can also come in copper, brass and stainless steel. source:

The deer card can be sent through the mail

The deer card can be signed and sent through the mail. Additional postage will be needed. source:

Deer card sculputre comes in different designs

Deer card sculputre comes in different designs. source:

Photo Christmas Cards — Colorful Lights Ribbon Strand

Ah, I just can’t wait to pop popcorn and string some garland for the Christmas tree. That is, if I can find the time this year…stringing popcorn take a lot of time!

An alternative could be purchasing these super cute cards where it automatically comes as a string of lights. Now, it’s a much smaller version of a garland, but, it can be placed over a mirror, a doorway, on a window, bookshelf or mantel. For more card designs and to purchase, visit Prices vary depending on how many you order – $4.44 for a single card.

Holiday card garland front

Holiday card string of lights garland (front). source:

Holiday card garland with photos1

Holiday card string of lights garland with photos (back). source:

Holiday Pop-Up Cards

These aren’t just simple pop-up cards, they’re paper sculptures. Laser cut to create the finest detail, these can be separated from their base and displayed anywhere your heart desires. The surprise element is fabulous, and the long-lasting power is a gift that keeps giving and giving. See more designs and buy on Prices vary between $10 and $13.

Fall turkey 3d pop-up Thanksgiving card cover

Fall turkey 3d pop-up Thanksgiving card cover. source:

Turkey Pop-Up Thanksgiving Card

Turkey Pop-Up Thanksgiving Card. source:

Santa sleigh pop-up Christmas card

Santa sleigh pop-up Christmas card. source:

Ornament paper pop-card

Ornament paper pop-card. source:

Christmas bear pop-up holiday card

Christmas bear pop-up holiday card. source:

Unique Ornament, Puppet ‘n Calendar

One of my favorite shops is Crankbunny. Not just because of their awesome name, but, because of the unique, steampunkesque cool paper art by Norma V. Toraya. Here, you can send three birdie ornaments or a fun paper puppet that would look great hung on a wall or placed in a shadow box. This perpetual calendar, if placed high on a shelf away from two- and four-legged kids, could last you until 2030!

Crankbunny* has LOTS more fun stuff to check out, so visit them today. Use the coupon code: MERRYCRISPNESS for a 20% discount until Dec. 1st. For items below, prices vary between $17 and $25.

Bird Holiday Ornaments

Bird Holiday Ornaments that can actually be hung ALL YEAR LONG! source:

Festive Zebra Drinking Martini Paper Puppet in envelope

Festive Zebra Drinking Martini Paper Puppet in envelope – great for a New Year’s card as well! source:

Festive Zebra Drinking Martini Paper Puppet

Festive Zebra Drinking Martini Paper Puppet. source:

Perpetual Calendar 2012-2030

Perpetual Calendar 2012-2030. Again, great for a Happy New Year card. source:

*The Crankbunny shop will be closed Dec 17 to Jan 3. Last day to place orders is December 15.

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