Manhattan Beach hen house

Manhattan Beach hen house.

I’ve heard of penthouses, but this is ridiculous! Lately, I thought I’d mix things up a bit and take Klunkers on a different walking path than usual. There is a lesson in making changes in life, as I would have never stumbled across a sight I would have never thought I’d seen in the middle of a beach town in Los Angeles. Hen houses! Okay, and not just any old hen houses, but quite literally million dollar chicken digs! Sheesh!

If you look closely, you’ll be able to appreciate the architectural details of the house above: shingled roofs, electric lanterns that frame a nice hanging plant, string of lights-lined front porch, main house matching paint and trim…he/she even included a garage with monogram and all! The second house was cleverly built into the bottom base of a jungle-gym, a great way to repurpose and add housing for any of your pets.

According to my Minnesota farm-girl mom, Lois, “Chickens make great pets. When we used to gather eggs, they’d trot right up to us as if to say ‘Hello!’ They can be very tame.” Hens (female chickens) are especially delightful. They don’t “cock-a-doodle-doo” at the crack of dawn and they lay one egg a day. Hmm…they must be golden eggs to afford places like these in Manhattan Beach.

Beach Hens million dollar digs

Beach Hens million dollar digs.

Beach hens enjoy lunch al fresco.

"C" is for Chicken

“C” is for Chicken.

Monogrammed garage door…”C” clearly stands for “chicken”.

Manhattan Beach happy hens

Manhattan Beach happy hens.

Here in the “tree section” of Manhattan Beach, these happy hens trot over to say “hello”!

Jungle Gym hen house

Jungle Gym hen house.

Fastened with chicken wire (ah…that’s where that came from!), some 1/2″ x 2s, latches and more lumber, this jungle gym turned hen house makes for a fantastic home egg-laying farm.

Sprinkler water trough

Sprinkler water trough.

She’s a resourceful one…a sprinkler head is a perfect water trough.

Klunkers loves his hen neighbors

Klunkers loves his hen neighbors.

Now, Klunkers has to say “Hello!” whenever we pass by his neighbor hen friends.

Do you own chickens? Is their coop as cute?

All photography by Skaie Knox, HomeJelly

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