The entrance to this haute haunted house

The entrance to this haute haunted house.

There always seems to be that one house in the neighborhood that stands out each Halloween. You know the one: totally decked out with hanging ghosts and spiders,  stretched out cob webs everywhere, life-sized ghouls and scarecrows, special effects strobe lights, and a plethora of pumpkins strategically placed about here and there.

Well, on today’s daily neighborhood walk, Klunkers and I spied this super skeletonized home, with a scattering of creepy black crows that had “haute haunted house” splattered all over it. Did I say a stylish haunted house? Yep. Somehow, there was something attention-to-detail special about this Halloween decor. Take a peek yourself…but don’t awaken the spirits!

Creepy birds

Creepy birds.

What’s creepier than a murder of crows and a pair of ominous vultures standing sentry? Eww!

Skeleton yard

Skeleton yard.

Less is more. Three skeletons crawling out of the ground, and a smattering of midnight black crows to keep them company just spell s-p-o-o-k-y!

Skeleton grave yard

Skeleton grave yard.

This grave marker tells us we definitely need to tread lightly and sends a clear message to enter if we dare!

Skeleton Halloween hay dance

Skeleton Halloween hay dance.

Once inside the gates, we’re invited to join the party. Reminiscent of Disney’s Haunted House, I thought this touch of wacky whimsy was just enough twisted fun to delight any trick or treater!

Have a haute and safe Halloween!

All photography by Skaie Knox, HomeJelly

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