Door knobs galore

Door knobs galore!

I recently helped my bestie, Andrea, refurbish her son’s newly acquired dresser, a much too made-over hand-me-down with great potential. The last step in renewing this furniture piece was to find some unique, yet practical hardware…the hunt was on!

So, on a sunny third Sunday, A and I ventured out to the Long Beach Antique Market to dig through the boxes and boxes of knobs, handles, and pulls. Here is but just a sampling of what you can find and choose from to embellish your next rehab project in need of handsome hardware.

Glass and lucite drawer pulls and other misc. hardware

Glass and Lucite drawer pulls and other misc. hardware.

You’ll need to practice your haggling skills when it comes to glass and Lucite hardware. Many vendors know what they have, but, they’re there to sell…so go for it!

Complete set of vintage metal drawer pulls and plates

Complete set of vintage metal drawer pulls and plates

If you’re looking for a set of pulls, there are many of the same of many styles for a fraction of the cost of a box store…not to mention the “antique-find” swagger rights.

Faucet lever handles

Faucet lever handles.

Repurposed handles can be used as unique towel or coat hooks, drawer pulls, even jewelry.

More door knobs of many shapes and styles

More door knobs of many shapes and styles.

There is a laundry list of how you can repurpose old door knobs. Tip: now that you know you can find lots at the antique or flea market, decide on a project, then go on the hunt for the ones you’ll need.

Repurposed wrench drawer pulls

Repurposed wrench drawer pulls.

This vendor already did the work for you! These fun, repurposed wrench drawer pulls would be fabulous on garage or tool cabinets or a boy’s dresser. Fun!

Which type of hardware do you like best?

All photography by Skaie Knox, HomeJelly

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