We love you, Professor Klunkers Monteque Knox!

We love you, Professor Klunkers Monteque Knox!

After 9 months of physical therapy, acupuncture, hydrotherapy, laser therapy, tests and medication, the progress of degenerative myelopathy (a progressive disease of the spinal cord – basically the “ALS” for doggies) has run its course. Today, we said goodbye to our beloved, furry son, Klunkers. We know many of you have loved him from near and afar –  and we thank you for your wonderful comments and sentiments over the years.

Matt and I couldn’t possibly fully describe the love we’ve shared with Klunkers…but here is just a glimpse:

God got a Dog Today

God got a dog today,
a most precious gift,
someone he can cuddle with,
talk to and play with.

He was as star struck as we were,
When he first saw him at the Gate,
And said, “Wow! Even I am impressed
with myself, I must say.”

He gazed amazed at his soft, fluffy fur and sparkly eyes,
And at his big bean nose, we’ve kissed many millions of times.

And his huggable body, legs built for speed and agility,
Now, strong again, he can now run again,
Here, he has exceptional ability.

No, it’s no surprise He chose our beloved son,
He was perfect in every way,
except, perhaps, for one.

You see, our fur baby’s life started out with neglect and abuse,
at the hands of someone evil,
The word devilish, I’ll choose.

Then, dumped out on the streets during the storms of ’05,
He had to fend for his life,
Literally fight to stay alive.

As fate would have it, God mercifully intervened,
Our boy was plucked from abandonment,
But, into a county kill-shelter…rather, a doggie slot machine.

Lady Luck was with our boy, for he was rescued just in time,
Two weeks in the hospital,
Pneumonia was now trying to take his life.

But, he fought, and with the help of so many unnamed,
Klunkers survived once again,
Like the LA Kings’ second-time Stanley Cup reign!

And that’s when it happened,
there was no doubt in its fate,
His slightly blurred picture appeared on Petfinder that day.

Instantly, we knew he was ours,
And in one week he was,
And would be for 9 years and 10 precious months.

The most amazing four-legged son,
So cute and yet serious,
Perfect in every way, yes, except for one.

He would snap, growl and bite,
Sometimes us, strangers or those,
Who’d get way too close, too fast or disrespect his animal side.

But, he was protecting from fear,
We knew it wasn’t his fault,
With patience and love, he trusted us more every year.

But what he brought unencumbered was his ability to give,
So much joy, so much love,
How to be, how to live.

And that’s why it isn’t surprising one bit,
That God wanted our boy,
They’re quite undoubtedly the perfect fit.

For those of us who believe we’re made in the image of Him,
We still struggle all our lives,
To find the peace from within.

Not so, when it comes to life of a dog,
He comes forgiving and loving,
unconditionally…like God.

Spelled backwards or forwards they’re really the same,
Maybe that’s why He sent dogs down from heaven,
To teach us how to behave.

And that’s what we saw, in our precious baby boy,
God’s gift of perfect love,
forgiveness and joy.

Yes, God got a dog today,
Our Klunkers Wheaten-Shar Pei,
But, I’d like to make a correction,
In this poem’s title, please, if I may.

God, Klunkers is yours,
But only to foster and then,
When we arrive at the Gates,
He promised he’d be there to greet us again.

We’ll all be together forever,
With every pup that we’ve raised,
And celebrate the fact,
That God got a dog today.


We’d love to thank and fully recommend the following people who helped keep Klunkers as healthy as possible for as long as possible, as well as helping advise us on doing what’s best for him:

Dr. Jodi Matsuoka, DVM and all the staff – VCA Coast Animal Hospital

Dr. Heather Oxford, DVM, MPH, CVA, CCRT – Pet Acupuncturist

Earlene Verona Winn – Tailwaggers Massage & Hydrotherapy

Dr. Amy Stillwell-Graiff, DVM – Choice Veterinary Care, In-Home Pet Euthanasia Services

Your care, compassion and dedication will always mean the world to us.

Klunkers was rescued from the county shelter by Marina Baktis, Mutts & Moms. Thank you so much, Marina, for choosing us to love Klunkers all these years. He was, and always will be, a priceless gift.

And to all our family and friends: Thank you all so much for respecting and loving Klunkers the way he needed to be treated…we, and he, so appreciate it.

 In honor of Klunkers, please adopt a rescue animal…they’ll absolutely end up rescuing you.

Sunday morning snuggle

Sunday morning snuggle…

a man and his dog copy

a man and his dog

Klunkers THE king!

Klunkers THE king!

a girl and her dog

a girl and her dog

Klunkers, the star character in the children's book, "Big Bug Lunch!".

Klunkers, the star character, in the children’s book, “Big Bug Lunch!”.

Matt, Klunkers and Dr. Oxford

Matt, Klunkers and Dr. Oxford starting the long road of physical therapy, acupuncture and laser therapy.

Matt, Klunkers, and Earlene. Klunkers LOVED his water therapy sessions...and Earlene!

Matt, Klunkers, and Earlene. Klunkers LOVED his water therapy sessions…and Earlene!

Klunkers on his wagon walk

Klunkers on one of his wagon walks…he loved them.

Klunkers basking in the sun

Klunkers basking in the sun.

Klunkers ready for winter

Klunkers ready for winter.

Goodbye sweet boy…be good to God…only good reports…until we see you again.

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