“April showers brings May flowers.”  What’s better than that? How about capturing those April showers in a rain barrel to provide water for your flowers in May? According to Jason Cameron from DIY Network’s “Desperate Landscapes,” one inch of rain fall over a 1,000 square foot area (or, roof),  will produce approximately 600 gallons of water.  That’s potentially a whole lot of happily hydrated daffodils!

Not only will the runoff from your roof provide water for your lawn, garden plants and flowers, it could save on the corrosion of planters and walkways, and even prevent the flooding of basements and garages. Additionally, collecting rain water conserves this precious resource and helps the prevention of oil, sand, salt, and other pollutants from washing into city storm drains and streams. In order to capture and put this water to good use, place your rain barrels strategically under gutters or areas of your roof that typically shed a lot of down pour.

You can buy 50-60 gallon rain barrels at places like Home Depot, Ace Hardware, or Sam’s Club, or you can try and make one on your own out of plastic trash bins and tubing. Note: to avoid attracting mosquitoes or other critters, be sure to use some kind of lid or cover, especially during dry seasons. The following videos cover both options and give additional tips and information to help you work with Mother Nature and further “greenovate” your life.

Video Courtesy of WMTW Channel 8 News in Portland, Oregon:

Instructions for making a DIY rain barrel:

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