Drill guide that's 1-2-3easy to make!

Drill guide that’s 1-2-3easy to make!

When it comes to drilling a hole, there’s nothing more frustrating than doing it wrong (e.g. crooked) the first, second and even third time.

(cue: pulling out of hair.)

I recently discovered the fun DIY past time and the born-with-it-skill of Christmas elves: toy-making! I made my first attempt at crafting this very sweet, Swedish Dala horse toy. It had wheels so my new cousin, Raelyn, could have fun rolling it. The problem was, I hadn’t perfectly drilled the holes straight for the dowels, and so…

wobble, wobble, wobble it went. Nope. Not so fun. Wah-wahhh.

Well, now, with the help of my friends at HomeAdvisor, you can watch me demonstrate a super simple, “home hack” solution to crooked drill holes. And, it’s easy as one, two, three!

Jippie! (and that’s Swedish for Yay!)

Step #1: Set two pieces of scrap wood at a 90-degree angle.

Note: one of the pieces needs to be squared off on at least one end so it butts up flush against the second piece.

Step #2: Secure the wood with wood glue and let it dry.

Note: be sure to allow the wood glue to completely cure. It will make drilling the screw much easier and prevent slippage. 

Step #3: Add a screw to secure your guide.

DONE! You’re now ready to use it as a guide for your drill!

Simply place the inside, 90-degree corner of the guide onto the edge of your hole mark, then butt the bit against the guide as you drill. For shorter bits, you can do this same project with narrower scrap wood.

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