Doors open decor opportunities

Doors open decor opportunities.

When it comes to renovating and/or newly designing a home, doors can truly open up delightful decor possibilities. When invited by Metrie, a new and fabulous sponsor of HomeJelly, to write up a feature on their posh portals, my first thought was, “You had me at ‘hello’.

For years, I’ve been an admirer of all things doors – interior or exterior, old and new, and their absolute ability to command a room. I mean, come on! It’s the first thing we touch when entering a home, right?!?

With so many savvy designers AND DIYers taking on more sophisticated home projects, paint is no longer the only “easy” go-to when considering how to impact the design (or re-design) of a space. Yes! Doors can make all the difference! Installed as is or coordinated with beautiful moldings and trim, there are many opportunities to infuse your spaces with unexpected and exciting pops of color, architectural interest and a variety of patterns and materials.

Pop of Color

Want to dress your room to impress? Start with a colored door or two, like this pair called, (eh-hem) “Fashion Forward” by Metrie, that’ll show off your daring and elegant style.

Blue Fashion Forward doors open into master bedroom with class

Blue Fashion Forward doors open into master bedroom with class.

Architectural Interest

It’s amazing what a door with beautiful molding can do to a space. Its specialness will likely inspire even the plainest room.

Atmosphere Interior designed doors update and coordinate with this room's trim and molding

Atmosphere Interior designed doors update and coordinate with this room’s trim and molding.

A Variety of Patterns and Materials

Consider installing doors with glass inserts (textured or smooth), beautiful wood grains, detailed moldings, etc. They’ll certainly offer a variety of patterns and materials that’ll pack a big design punch in your home. Note how the boldness of the black trim and crown molding, play so well with the white doors. These colors are then keenly echoed in the furnishing and stunning ceiling.

Yep. This is design rock ‘n roll, my friends!

Atmosphere Interior doors play along with this eclectic room's furnishings and finishes

Atmosphere interior doors play along with this eclectic room’s furnishings and finishes.

Doors Elevate ‘n Update Even the Smallest Spaces

Doors can elevate and update any room. In essence, they, along with their hardware, architectural character, and finishings turn up the design volume for even the smallest spaces. Here’s a peek:

{Office}: Elevate your home office with stylish doors you can see through, like these chic Fashion Forward interior doors with clear glass. When we’re surrounded by rich design elements, we can be inspired, and our work can reflect how this makes us feel…rich!

Elevated office with see-through Fashion Forward doors with clear glass

Who wouldn’t want to work in this elegant and elevated office with see-through Fashion Forward doors with clear glass?!?

{Bathroom}: The elegance is multiplied by this bathroom’s blue Metrie Fashion Forward doors. Their detailing and modern color fancies the eye and adds to this small space’s ‘wow’!

Bathroom blue Fashion Forward doors

Pamper yourself in this pampered bathroom with blue Fashion Forward doors that say, “You’re worth it!”

{Laundry Room}: You’ll love washing clothes in a room as special as this one. The glass doorknob is the “cherry-on-top” element of this Metrie Fashion Forward interior door.

Laundry room door is Fashion Forward

This laundry room door IS Fashion Forward…by Metrie.

{Mudroom}: Doors with textured glass inserts are multi-purposeful in this adorable and functional mudroom. They keep potential kid-clutter out of eyesight, yet allow light to filter in and fill the space, as well as offer a stunning, decorative contribution.

Mud room Fashion Forward door with patterned glass insert

Who knew a mud room could look so Fashion Forward? Let in the light by installing a door with a patterned glass insert like this one by Metrie.

{Built-in Hutch}: This isn’t your grandmother’s hutch. Nope! Thanks to these Pretty Simple clear glass doors by Metrie, surrounded (and snuggled) by fabulous decorative trim, reeded and applied molding, and extended header, this tiny space is now a showcase to showcase!

Pretty Simple hutch doors showcases this showcase

Pretty Simple hutch doors showcases this showcase.

{Walk-in Closet}: A fantastic and simple way to raise the bar of your walk-in closet is to work into the design or makeover its entryway with mindfully hung doors. Whether the inside is Carrie Bradshaw blinged-out, or temporarily plain Jane, you will be inspired every time you turn the knob.

Fashion Forward doors make walk-in closet happy

Fashion Forward doors make this walk-in closet happy.

This post was sponsored by Metrie. All photography by Metrie. 

This is a paid blog post. My personal opinions are completely my own based on my experience. I wouldn’t have it any other way!

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