Träullit Dekor Hexagon by FORM US WITH LOVE from FORM US WITH LOVE on Vimeo.

Tucked away on a tree filled mountainside in Österbymo, Sweden lies a family business since 1946 called Träullit. They have developed today’s “DIY Goods, Gadgets and Gizmos”, a customizable and decorative hexagonal wall tile that is made from wood slivers (or “wool”), cement, and water.  Because of its open and natural materials, these tiles have multifunctional properties that include being moisture-resistant, heat-accumulating (thus lowering heating bills), sound absorbent (great for apartments, kids’ rooms, and recording studios), and fireproof. They also look cool and come in all kinds of earthy colors like sky, leaf, moss, and honey.

Spruce waiting to be cut. Photo: Jonas Lindström

Wood “wool” created on factory press. Photo: Jonas Lindström

Finished hexagons waiting to be lacquered. Photo: Jonas Lindström

Finished product, in raw form, close-up. Photo: Jonas Lindström

Hexagon wall tile art. Photo: Jonas Lindström

What we DIG: We appreciate multifunction, energy efficiency, and the ability for buyers to customize a product to their taste and liking. Below is a sample design “mock-up” I created with Träullit’s “Decor Architect Tool“:

These tiles might be fun in a game room or as a feature wall with high ceilings.

What we DON’T DIG: At the moment, the colors are quite dramatic and wouldn’t be the best for homes with a more neutral pallet. Also, though these tiles are recyclable, they are not made from recycled materials. We encourage manufacturers to look to reusing or repurposing whenever possible.

Game changer: Add more neutral colors (and shapes) to the next line and also look into using recycled materials.

What do you think…super-cool or not-so-much?

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