I’m not sure what it is about wooden boxes, but I get the feeling I’m not alone in thinking they’re so totally cool and exceptionally charismatic. The more worn and labeled the box, the better. There’s no wrong answer here, and because of their natural stashing capabilities and stackable shape, the ideas and options are endless when it comes to configuring these cubed cubbies into hip and functional storage. Whether your style is modern, cottage, Asian, Southwestern, country, or even mid-century modern, you won’t be a square by putting these squares in your spaces.

Kitchen Box Storage: this is a beautiful way to show off your dishware and to create an appealing room divider. Photo: unknown, posted by Evita Smith on

Livingroom Box Storage: an eclectic collection of boxes strapped together is both interesting and utilitarian in design. Photo: Ranung Photography, posted by Erin Guy on

Bedroom Box Storage: mounted or stacked on the floor, shoes and books along with other knickknacks and sundries are snugly organized and delightfully displayed. Photo:

Bathroom Box Storage: add a little something “outside the box” by screen-printing or decoupaging inside the box for a custom and artistic edge. Photo:

Anywhere Box Storage: with the addition of casters, this crate turns from carrying fruits and veggetables, to Vogue and William Sonoma. Photo:

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