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A fantastic way to prepare for summer is to spruce up your outdoor space. Today’s quick-tip is for those of us who could use a little concrete patio pick-me-up: simply paint it and add new life. Last week’s episode of “Color Splash” includes these great tips from color expert Danielle Hirsch:

1. Use specially made concrete paint.

2. Water down concrete paint mixing 1 part water to 4 parts paint. According to designer and host David Bromstad, the problem with painting concrete patios with non-diluted colorant, is that  it’s usually applied on thick with a roller.  Within 1-2 years, it can start to bubble and peel.

3. Use a sponge and hand brush, applying the paint with a thin layer to eliminate air pockets, giving your painted patio a much longer life.

4. Extra Tip: Mix two like shades of patio paint to create a stone-like effect.  Sponge one color, then using another sponge mix in the second shade and blend.  Use a dry brush to integrate the colors even more.

Painted patio. source:

Painted patio, stone effect. source:

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